That I would see

That I Would See | © 2015 . All rights reserved.

A few Sundays ago at church, I was asked to welcome folks and introduce the topic for the day, which was the Holy Spirit. As with many things that we discuss, this particular subject is full of mystery, which also … Continue reading

Sunday Fun Day

Sunday Fun Day - this glass ornament is a piece of our current visual at my church, Fellowship North | © 2015 . All rights reserved.

Bryan texted me at church yesterday to let me know everything was okay, I texted back: I wish I could have seen the guy’s face when he opened the door. Bryan texted me back, just 3 words. Smoke weed everyday. Sunday mornings at my … Continue reading

Sing yourself in

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Sunday morning at church I walked into the room with dirty hair. I had stayed in bed too late; my clothes were uncomfortably tight after the holidays. The music had already started; I found a chair and crossed my arms. I … Continue reading