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smile and the world smiles with you

Tonight, when I am tired, and angry with the mess in my house, and knowing there is more to do than ever I can get done – tonight I will look back at these and smile.


Yes, I know I’m like that weird relative that just won’t stop with the vacation pictures from the cruise last spring, but I love these so much.


I love the way my kids don’t bother Whitney. That even though they might be punching one another or climbing around various downtown structures in between shots, she never gets flustered. Instead, about the second I feel like I’m going to snap, she smiles over her shoulder to me and says something like Isn’t that funny? They are cracking me up. And she means it. And they know it. Which is why she gets such great pictures of them. They trust her.


I love the Jones house version of the Chino family book shot:


I love our album cover.


And our other album cover.


I love our family all lined up in a row. J-O-N-E-S.


And I love us crooked too. Because really, that’s kind of the way we roll.


And of course, I love this one.


So, um, if you haven’t – go ahead and book your pictures. And if you want to see the rest of ours, click here and type the password. Which is, of course, “loved.”

Thanks, Whitney. Now all I have to do is choose…


  1. Such great photos! How is she at wrangling dogs?

  2. I absolutely love the pictures. I’m so glad you all share the pics of your kids and life. It’s a real treat.

    (PS the Jones iphone pic is priceless. That boy definitely married up.)

  3. these make me smile :)

  4. RE: The Abbey Road photo… JBJIMoMaI (Jones, Bryan Jones, International Man of Mystery and Intrigue) is still so hardcore ’80’s that he’s doin the robot!

    Well played sir.  Well played.

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