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Kenya here we come

Well. Since I (of course) ran out of time and (of course) didn’t write a thoughtful and sensitive ‘leaving for the mission trip’ post – I guess this is all you get. An iPhone post from our layover in Dallas.

I’ll be in Migori, Kenya for the next 12 days, serving with a group from my church with an organization called Kenya Relief. We are helping to ready a school for opening.

If you’d like to follow along, join me on Twitter, Facebook, & Instagram (@sarabethjones) – I’ll be posting updates there when I can. And of course you can subscribe here, so that you will be sure to hear all the stories when I get back.

Thanks to everyone – and there are many – who has helped me to go on this trip! I can’t wait to see all that’s in store.


  1. Been praying for you and the gang. I’m so excited that you’re finally going! Looking forward to your stories (and photos).

  2. Hoping you have a wonderfully fulfilling and fun-filled trip!

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